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Welcome to the OMT blog.  I hope that together we can build an exciting community of people who enjoy sharing their travel ideas, advice, memories, suggestions and experiences.  Inspiration and education through travel have always been key components throughout my life.

I possess over 44 years of extensive and consistent travel experience, as well as over 20 years of ex-patriot status as a foreigner living abroad.  I have collected some pretty amazing travel memories/experiences that I look forward to sharing with you on this blog.

However, my parents, who lived overseas for over 40 years, are the real travel gurus.  Their adventures, insights and stories about living, working and travelling abroad are priceless reminders of what to do, and what not to do, when visiting a foreign country.  And their sometimes spontaneous, unfortunate and dangerous situations abroad make for great copy!

Our lives and travels overseas were mostly good, sometimes bad and a few times ugly.  I hope that you appreciate our stories and experiences as much as we have enjoyed living them as "citizens of the world.”

I look forward to hearing all about your travels and adventures, as well -- thanks in advance for sharing!

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