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In order to stay organized, all of your documents pertaining to destination information should be created on this page. You can create as many documents as you like by clicking the “Create New Document” button below.

You should spend some time researching and capturing as much destination information as possible prior to departure. There are hundreds of online articles and blog postings that provide amazing destination information and travel reviews. My advice is always to Google it!

You can also review our suggested travel destination links to research the information that you need. After finding the information that you need to capture, simply create a new document and save it to your suitcase.

Please browse our suggested links for travel destination information. We recommend that you search for and save the following destination information into a new document(s):


  • Must See/Must Do (including addresses, hours of operation and cost)
  • Restaurants/Bars (type of cuisine, by price, special diet, with reviews, in certain areas, on the water, etc.)
  • Tours
  • Maps
  • Museums (including addresses, hours of operation and cost)
  • Shows/Concerts
  • Important Addresses
  • Subway Stations/Local Transportation
  • Shopping/Flea Markets/Bazaars
  • Foreign Language Key Words (the basics go a long way)

If you are pressed for time at your destination, plan and map daily itineraries.


Don’t forget to research how to get to your place of lodging upon arrival to your destination city. Does your hotel provide a free shuttle service from the airport? Perhaps there is a subway or train station at your arrival airport that can take you where you need to be? In addition, make sure you have enough local currency to get to your hotel – cab fare can be steep in some cities and not everyone accepts credit cards or US dollars.

We love the “Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tours” – especially with a child. The kids don’t get tired walking all day and you can get on or off the bus wherever and whenever you want. These bus tours usually cover a large area of the city and cover most sightseeing destinations. This is a very economical and fun way to see a city.

When you create a new document, be sure to name it intuitively, as you should have several documents pertaining to destination information (ex: VegetarianinRome or MuseumsNYC).

Once you have created and saved a document here, it will be stored in your Suitcase (under the “Destination Info.” header). If you want to delete, print or edit your saved document, you will need to do so in your Suitcase.

The list of links we provide is by no means comprehensive – they represent a few of the “bigger” travel websites that provide destination information. These links are listed in alphabetical order.

There are a lot of "smaller" websites, online articles and blog postings all over the internet that provide amazing destination information and restaurant reviews. always finds the information you seek.  Search, create a document, capture the information you need and save it to your suitcase!

Destination Information Links  Capture maps of your destination cities or plan driving routes with Bing Maps.  Browse this site for vacation ideas, travel guides and reviews for destinations all over the world.  The best local food, drinks, photos, restaurant tips and travel information for international destinations.  Search for “Things To Do" in cities worldwide with “the world’s largest full service online travel agency, with localized sites in 31 countries."  Research "the world's best festivals" worth visiting.  Search for what to do and see, including where to eat and shop, in your destination city.  Explore restaurants, attractions, events, nightlife and shopping in your destination city.   Find destination information based on reviews and recommendations from people who travel like you.  Discover sights to see, restaurants, tours, shopping and entertainment for cities all over the world.  Resesarch destination tips, cultural guides, travel/work abroad ideas and vagabond dreams at the site described as, "the drugs, sex and rock n' roll of travel."  Read and learn about travel news and the best travel deals worldwide to find the right vacation at the right price.  Create social city guides with friends to build the perfect travel guide based on recommendations from other travellers.  The mobile app allows you to avoid roaming charges with free offline maps.  Search for arts/culture, music/nightlife, restaurants/bars and shopping/style for worldwide destinations.  Read user reviews of restaurants all over the world based on budget and type of cuisine.  Research and plan your daily itineraries with some of the best destination information on the Internet with travel guides created by 1,300,000 travelers worldwide.  Read about destination cities around the world through crowd-sourced travel information.  Browse worldwide destination information created/updated by travellers who want to share their travel experiences in an online guidebook format.  Search worldwide destination guides from experts who hand pick where to stay, eat and visit - plus how to get there.

Foreign Language Key Word Search

We don’t speak many foreign languages in my family but we definitely learn basic words and phrases when travelling abroad. There are a few good websites that provide travel lingo for key words and phrases. I recommend capturing foreign language words/phrases so that you have some basic and important terminology upon arrival at your destination country.  You can also do a search with: “keyword phrases in (language) for travelers.”  Search for “travel” lingo, words and phrases with over 2,162 bilingual dictionaires.  Learn foreign language words and phrases with this “online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages.”

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