Contacts & Numbers

It is wise to have phone numbers, important documents and contact information in one place and on hand while travelling. I have personally experienced some pitfalls and have heard numerous stories about “worst-case scenarios" happening while travelling.

Definitely don’t leave home without reviewing our list of important information and numbers we suggest you consolidate and store into your own personal contact database. These will be accessible to you from any computer in the world in case of loss, theft or any emergency.


I would also take this time to capture a picture of your passport signature/photo page and driver’s license. You can add it to your contact database. A friend of mine recently had her wallet stolen on a business trip – money, ID’s, debit cards and credit cards were gone. Thankfully she had a picture of her passport stored on her iPad. If she didn’t have this picture, she wouldn’t have been able to return home on the airplane, get cash from her bank or get her car out of the parking lot.

Although this website has excellent encryption security in place, feel free to label your sensitve “numbers” using code words or mixing things up a bit.


Important Information to Capture and Store

  • Bank Phone Numbers
  • Credit Card Company Phone Numbers
  • Embassy Phone Numbers
  • Airline Phone Numbers
  • Alarm Company Phone Numbers
  • Rental Car Company Phone Numbers
  • Train/Ferry/Bus Station Addresses
  • Insurance Company Phone Numbers
  • Traveler Insurance Phone Numbers
  • Important People Phone Numbers
  • Hotel Cancellation Phone Numbers
  • Booking Agency Phone Numbers
  • Passport Numbers
  • Driver’s License Numbers
  • Frequent Flyer Numbers
  • Car Insurance Information
  • Health Insurance Numbers
  • Traveler Check Numbers
  • Passport Picture(s)
  • Driver’s License Picture(s)
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • PIN #’s for ATM’s/Credit Cards

When you create a contact database, be sure to name it intuitively (ex: MyContactsAustraliaTrip).


Once you have created and saved a contact database, it will be stored in your Suitcase (under the “Contacts & Numbers” header). If you want to delete, print or edit your saved contact database, you will need to do so in your Suitcase.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the Create New Contact List button to start capturing your important contacts, numbers and documents.



Contacts & Numbers

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