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There are a lot of robust airfare search engines on the Internet to help you find the best airline fares, routes, vacation packages and travel options. However, some domestic and international airlines are not always included in third-party airfare search engines so you should check with these airlines directly (Southwest and Allegiant, for example).

After booking your airline reservations, you should receive an email confirmation from your booking agent or airline. Be sure to save these confirmations in a new document on this page. Simply open your email confirmation, copy it and paste it into a new document here by clicking on the “Create New Document” button at the bottom of this page. You might have more than one airline reservation and therefore more than one confirmation email. Remember to save all airline confirmations/documents here as either a separate document, or combined into one document.

If you are using frequent flyer miles or travel rewards, be sure to book your reservations well in advance – seats for reward travel are limited and fill up quickly – or the airlines might “charge” you more mileage than the standard reward mileage.

Many travel sites will provide you with an airfare alert tool. Simply type in your travel route and the website will send you email alerts when fare goes down. I suggest you sign up for these early on in your research stage. Many of our suggested website links offer the airfare alert option.

If you can travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday, airfares are likely to be cheaper. Also, studies show that for the best deals you should buy domestic tickets 54 days from departure, Europe tickets 151 days out, Caribbean tickets 101 days out, Mexico tickets 89 days out, Asia tickets 129 days out and Latin America tickets 80 days out. 

In addition, browsing travel search engines with an "incognito" or "private browsing" window could mean big savings when searching for air fares. Most "regular" browser searches are "poisoned" with cookies that tell the company which websites you visit, the type of transactions you perform and how much money you spend on goods and services.  By searching air fares "incognito" (in a private browser session), you will be delivered ALL air fare prices instead of just the fares based on your spending history or consumer profile.  Simply clearing your browser's cookies WILL NOT result in lower air fares.

When you create a new document, be sure to name it intuitively, as perhaps you are staying at more than one destination on your trip (ex: FlightstoCanada or FlightstoPortugal).

Once you have created and saved a document here, it will be stored in your Suitcase (under the “Getting There” header). If you want to delete, print or edit your saved document, you will need to do so in your Suitcase.

There is no shortage of travel search engines for booking airfares.  The list of links we provide is by no means comprehensive – they represent a few of the “bigger” and better travel websites. We have also included websites that offer unique features that might be helpful in your airfare research. The following sites are listed in alphabetical order.

Airfare  Research airfares including budget airlines (like JetBlue, Easyjet, and Virgin America) with a more intuitive search tool -- similar to Google.  Search the cheapest airfares and schedule alerts for travel routes, including “Anywhere That’s Cheap” from nearby airports.  Search for low fares from “continuously updated” databases from this flight “consolidator.” They will also refund you the difference of your booked airline ticket if the price goes down within 30 days (terms and restrictions apply).  Research all-inclusive vacations with this online, high-discount travel agency that specializes in exceptional all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama.  Search for the cheapest airfares worldwide and be told whether to wait or buy your ticket now. uses a patented travel platform technology to predict airfare prices with over 70% accuracy.  Book vacation packages, airfare, hotels and car rentals.  Also discover destination information based on top travel destinations.  Buy your plane tickets on this site and if the price goes down they will pay you back the difference in a travel voucher up to $100/ticket.  Browse various travel services focusing on the leisure travelmarket: airline tickets, hotels, vacation rentals, rental cars, customized vacation packages and cruises. This company is a subsidiary of Orbitz Worldwide, Inc.  Compare airfares provided by other search engines and airlines.  Search for airfare with “the world’s largest full service online travel agency, with localized sites in 31 countries.”  Set airfare alerts and search flights based on price comparisons with other search engines.  Compare available online airfares and discounted travel deals with this search engine owned by

Google Flights:  An airfare search tool that is as big and reliable as Google.  Find cheap flights with little effort.   Find discounted airfare and travel bundles. This is owned by Expedia, Inc.  Utilize this robust travel metasite engine to compare airline, hotel, car rental, cruise and other vacation packages from other travel sites. It is now owned by  Compare airfare booking sites to find the cheapest flights, hotels or car rentals.  Check out their "Featured Offers" and "Destination of the Week" for travel ideas.  Research flexible fares on a calendar showing price options and book a round-trip ticket that arrives/departs from two different cities.  You can even change your "sales city” to research cheaper fares (the greatest travel hack ever invented).  Search from low-cost carriers, travel websites and large global airlines, including direct or indirect flights to multiple destinations.  Search for low airfares on the Internet with deals from over 450 airlines.  Search for cheap Internet airfares or bundles.  Obtain competitive airfare through “negotiations” facilitated by Or check out the “Name Your Own Price” option and “bid” for a ticket (this option has limitations on flexibility).  Read and learn about travel news and the best travel deals worldwide to find the right vacation at the right price.  Search cheap flights and airline tickets for both domestic and international destinations.  A toll free number is available to book the lowest unpublished airfares.  Find cheap flights and last-minute deals on the Internet.  Search for low airfares on the Internet and read travel reviews.  Discover how two one-way tickets on two different airlines can be cheaper than a round-trip ticket on a single airline. Vayama specializes in international airfares.  Search for cheap airfare and track fare changes after your ticket has been purchased -- You might  be eligible to receive a refund.

Student Airfare

If you are able to provide proof that you are a student, there are a few great websites that search for actual “student” airfares. The below websites utilize a search engine specifically for discounted student airline tickets.  Search discounts with global airlines for students exclusive travel deals available to students under 26. Dates also tend to be more flexible after a ticket is purchased.  Save on the average of $100/ticket if you are a verified college student or faculty member.

RTW (Round the World) Tickets  Create cusotmized and affordable itineraries with an unlimited number of international destinations -- and receive price estimates. Plan and book your RTW ticket with member alliance airlines that operate 10,000 daily flights to nearly 900 global destinations. Travel the world to over 1,000 destinations with 19 member airlines in the SkyTeam network. Search and book RTW tickets with the world's first and largest global airline alliance providing 21,000 daily departures to more than 150 countries and 1,329 airports worldwide.

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