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Welcome to organizemytravels.com and thanks for stopping by.  You must be here because 1) you like to be organized and 2) you like to travel!

I travel for lots of reasons, but mostly because travelling creates life's memories, experiences and, often, friendships. My husband and I share over 85 years of combined travel-planning expertise through international travel, ex-pat living and study abroad experiences.  We are ALWAYS planning our next vacation -- which for us is part of the journey (no pun intended).

I grew up overseas as an oil brat from five months old through college…and I haven’t stopped travelling since. I had been around the world twice prior to my 16th birthday and strive to share the same travel experiences with my son.

We have travelled in “high style” (thanks to mom and dad), and we have backpacked through 12 countries on a tight budget as college students. And now we know how to travel well on a smart budget -- with a child!

Having a child 10 years ago never slowed us down, and we try to vacation abroad at least once per year -- wonderlust and wanderlust run in the family! Our son had his first passport when he was five months old because we spend our discretionary income ensuring he becomes a citizen of the world – just like us.

We know there are great websites out there that can help you travel wherever and however you want. We are here to help you organize your thoughts, pack what you need and obtain all necessary information prior to leaving so that you can relax, sit back and enjoy the sights!

The good news is that regardless of your budget, we can show you how to personalize your travels. Our goal is to help you become your own travel agent and concierge – planning, searching and capturing the necessary details specific to your trip.

We believe that if you organize properly and take the necessary precautions while planning a vacation, you will avoid many of those “emergency” situations. Should you lose any of your travel-related documents or have something stolen while away, the information you need will be easily accessible from any browser in the world.

Let's get packing!

Diana :)

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